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i post my art here, i usually use my wacom tablet (intuos 2018).
not all art i draw is posted here so go to my DA for all of it
the behemoth is the main reason im here if im honest (its probably obvious though)

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blockshapedcat's News

Posted by blockshapedcat - November 1st, 2019

well im not sick anymore but my computer still doesn't work

Posted by blockshapedcat - October 24th, 2019

if it wasn't already bad

im sick too

Posted by blockshapedcat - October 24th, 2019

my battery died while doing the long test on my hard drive so now my computer says there isn’t a hard drive installed

good night sweet prince

you lasted 3 months

Posted by blockshapedcat - October 23rd, 2019

so my hard drive seems to be fine but i can’t get past the hp logo anymore no matter what i do so i’m not sure what to do now

edit: almost immediately after posting this the extensive test came back saying “WARNING” on the short dst test and the optimized dst test

last time i did this test back in july it said failed on both instead of warning so i’m not sure what this means

Posted by blockshapedcat - October 23rd, 2019

resetting it almost killed my hard drive so i’m reinstalling windows with my moms old laptop instead

Posted by blockshapedcat - October 22nd, 2019

it is now being reset with everything i wanted to keep on a usb

lets hope this fixes it

Posted by blockshapedcat - October 21st, 2019

my new hard drive i got in july might already be broken possibly due to a virus

i can’t really confirm that because windows defender won’t open

google chrome, cortana and the start menu don’t either and i’m missing .net files

discord and steam definitely work though

Posted by blockshapedcat - October 18th, 2019

i made this like 2 months ago but didn't think about posting it here until now


its a castle crashers knight maker

its not really finished and i hope to add more to it eventually

im always just super lazy and it takes forever

Posted by blockshapedcat - October 6th, 2019

so i accidentally pushed my hand on the area that breaks off on my tablet pen and ended up breaking that area of it

while it is supposed to break apart like this i haven’t been able to screw it off for many months now so it was definitely stuck somehow so when i put pressure on it it did this so i still can’t access the extra nubs and it won’t screw back on

the pen still works as intended but if i have to replace the nub i won’t be able to like i haven’t been able to for the past months

images are sideways (at least on desktop) because they are 1.7/1.8 mb sized images taken off my phone



Posted by blockshapedcat - September 23rd, 2019

i finally got scouted thats so epic