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i post my art here, i usually use my wacom tablet (intuos 2018).
not all art i draw is posted here so go to my DA for all of it
the behemoth is the main reason im here if im honest (its probably obvious though)

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Posted by blockshapedcat - 1 month ago


i have all the games in the collection already but i feel like buying it anyway lmao

im also excited for the splatfest and 3D world on switch (was 1 of the 3 games i got with my wii u back in 2014 and in general its a good game)

i am however anxious cause of all the merch i wanna buy (mostly the irl shirt to go with the in-game shirts to match the splatfest (im team super star btw)) and the limited release of 3D all stars (which is stupid) lol

at least with the my nintendo keychains its gonna be with platinum points and i should have 200 points to buy both (they're 100 each) as i dont spend my points often


Posted by blockshapedcat - August 15th, 2020

i went to that video game museum in frisco texas today and oh my god saying i was excited is an understatement

they had thrill kill (3 copies of it and the jewel case)

they had an arcade with dig dug in it

they had sculptors cut

they had funny mario bootlegs

they had xbox development kits

they had old computers

they had the gold zelda gba sp

and so much more it would take forever to list

they had avgn playing on one of the tvs inside and when i was leaving mega 64 was playing on the tvs at the entrance which was cool as FUCK

i got some cool stuff at the gift shop which was this mirco dig dug handheld thing that actually plays, a fauna animal crossing plush, a bob-omb plush and a cool sonic 20th anniversary pin

here is a thread of the pictures and videos i got https://twitter.com/YoBlockTheater/status/1294707998867193856


Posted by blockshapedcat - July 19th, 2020

apparently it takes 2 hours to go from richardson texas to oklahoma (i think i was in davis oklahoma)

i managed to go back to texas in the same day too so i was in the car for around 6 hours (i was in a drive in zoo thingy for 2 hours or so)

haven't left the state in years so it was interesting


Posted by blockshapedcat - July 4th, 2020

this account turned 2 years old yesterday (its past midnight, i forgot somehow im so sorry)

Posted by blockshapedcat - June 24th, 2020

the game doesn't work all that well on my dell laptop (goo doesn't show up and its a bit slow) but its still playable and im loving it

i bought it back in april so i have the soundtrack but idk where it is on my laptops files yet so i haven't heard it but i will asap

its nice to be able to play this game in japanese too since buying actual japan imports of games costs way too much so i take any chance i get (also region locking is a thing on most consoles)

Posted by blockshapedcat - April 20th, 2020

should have posted this ages ago but never thought about it

anyways im getting a new tablet pen so ill finally be able to draw without having to use my laptop touchscreen and trackpad or my 3DS

neither are really all that fun to use at all

it will also be nice to finally have a canvas size i like instead of a tiny 3DS screen (im not good at drawing half bodies as i prefer full bodies or headshots but its hard to do full bodies on a 3DS screen for me and headshots can be hard depending on the character)

my lineart will also be smoother again

even if my tablet pen wasn't acting up i lost it and cant find it after like a month so i would have to buy a new one anyway


Posted by blockshapedcat - April 18th, 2020

it still wont charge

its getting to the point where i might have to buy a new one completely which isn't easy when people love to sell them for 80+ dollars (more for 101 models if you can even find any)

ill just buy a new charger and see how it goes since me and my dad both agree it feels like its falling apart to begin with

making me wonder if the "ref only" sticker on the bottom of it really did mean "refurbish only" without my mom knowing

Posted by blockshapedcat - February 27th, 2020

this time it’s a dell and so far i really like it

its HUGE so i not only have a shit ton of room for stickers but i can see everything better (probably a little too well lol)

ive already put stickers on it but i’ll be going on redbubble again soon so i’ll be getting more (kinda hope to get homestar runner or cookie run stickers tbh)

Posted by blockshapedcat - February 14th, 2020

edit: it is currently back to normal but it could still act up again so im keeping an eye on it

remember how during this news post (https://blockshapedcat.newgrounds.com/news/post/1070324) i mentioned how the area where the nubs went broke off and became inaccessible

well now the tablet pen is acting up which means i have to replace the nub but i haven't bought a new tablet pen or extra nubs so i probably wont be able to draw for a while unless it fixes itself of i buy a new pen/nubs

i was in the middle of making something too so now its gonna have to be left unfinished until further notice and i hate it

Posted by blockshapedcat - February 14th, 2020

no spoilers since it came out today but it was really damn good

there were a lot of references to other games, movies and tv shows that i noticed

and yes he did do the floss