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i post my art here, i usually use my wacom tablet (intuos 2018).
not all art i draw is posted here so go to my DA for all of it
the behemoth is the main reason im here if im honest (its probably obvious though)

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Posted by blockshapedcat - September 21st, 2019

i have now finished castle crashers on my switch which means ive now finished the game twice

ill probably end up buying hatty and finishing the game with him eventually and i might play as conehead as well

only took me around 3-4 days unlike the steam version which took me 3 years

Posted by blockshapedcat - September 20th, 2019

i should of posted this like 3 days ago but yes castle crashers has released on switch now (and ps4)

i bought it on release and im at the final level

i fight necromancer next

Posted by blockshapedcat - September 8th, 2019

it gave me a tv signal a couple days ago so that part is working again but a wire snapped in the controller so the control stick doesn't work and the console itself can no longer read discs (i think i accidentally touched the thing that the console literally tells you to not touch when taking off the broken lid out of boredom, both hinges are broken because the lid fell off when taking the av cables out once because i dropped it) so i have to replace my console still and my controller now if i dont wanna just use buttons, a c stick and the d-pad

i mean the gamecube and the controller combined were only 37 bucks so i should of expected that

Posted by blockshapedcat - September 4th, 2019


Posted by blockshapedcat - July 5th, 2019

i finally finished pit people today after a year of owning the game (im VERY slow cant ya tell)

so now i just have alien hominid left

which is hard even with cheat codes cause im bad at video games

Posted by blockshapedcat - June 25th, 2019


not really sure what to think

im going through denial for sure

didn't even know him personally or watch him very often and it still hurts

i hope his family is alright

i kinda feel bad for posting about this on like 3 different websites but i dont know what else to do to try to overcome emotions since im with my dad currently (he says i could talk to him about it but its just not something i wanna do)

but anyway i wish it didn't end like this and i wish we could of done something

but its not always easy unfortunately


Posted by blockshapedcat - June 25th, 2019

so i finally have my new drive installed but i don’t wanna use the laptop until i can see if any data on my old drive is still recoverable or not

Posted by blockshapedcat - June 23rd, 2019

so my gamecube is working once again

it will stop working again eventually but it’s working currently

of course i put alien hominid in and used the roygbiv cheat code why wouldn’t i

Posted by blockshapedcat - June 19th, 2019

so yeah my hard drive failed and i have to get a new one

i know i most likely lost my data but god i have hope that i can recover it cause i have files i can’t get back on there if it’s fully failed

Posted by blockshapedcat - June 19th, 2019

i ended up raging really hard at battleblock theater to the point of accidentally hitting my laptop with my controller, getting a blue screen and then being told i am missing a system 32 prompt and possibly have a broken hard drive

i can’t use my computer and i can’t fix it because i don’t have a usb stick with me

not to mention it happened at 12 am and it’s still only 3 am currently

this month has already been terrible but this only makes it worse and like i said i can’t do anything to fix it

have to use mobile for a while so unless i fix the problem i won’t be active other than favoriting art and movies for who knows how long